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Just to be able to touch a wiener
Originated by Leedo123456
45 replies, 4,686 views.
Last post 14-Jun-24 10:42 by Msh1313
14-Jun-24 10:42
by  Msh1313
Name a poster whose pics you've masturbated to recently
Originated by Glen UK
6,220 replies, 391,857 views.
Last post 14-Jun-24 10:36 by spunky4u
14-Jun-24 10:36
by  spunky4u
Just for the guys from a guy
Originated by Leedo123456
13 replies, 1,647 views.
Last post 14-Jun-24 09:31 by Rabbit420
14-Jun-24 09:31
by  Rabbit420
Women doing Tributes
Originated by PhallicSupermacyOne
0 replies, 8 views.
Last post 14-Jun-24 09:27 by PhallicSupermacyOne
14-Jun-24 09:27
by  PhallicSupermacyOne
girls who orgasm quick
Originated by hammersy
24 replies, 1,564 views.
Last post 14-Jun-24 02:08 by sexyblond59
14-Jun-24 02:08
by  sexyblond59
Sexy Tranny Fantasy
Originated by Nawkaw
52 replies, 3,645 views.
Last post 13-Jun-24 22:16 by Letsplaydinosaur
13-Jun-24 22:16
by  Letsplaydinosaur
Would You Fuck The Person Above You?
Originated by Skynissis
33,541 replies, 614,029 views.
Last post 13-Jun-24 21:13 by Str8panties
13-Jun-24 21:13
by  Str8panties
Best underwear/clothing to show off my bulge?
Originated by joelss
2 replies, 89 views.
Last post 13-Jun-24 19:05 by Julieannfringe
13-Jun-24 19:05
by  Julieannfringe
Private pics
Originated by Cory121271
7 replies, 1,125 views.
Last post 12-Jun-24 21:02 by bimarriedbottom
12-Jun-24 21:02
by  bimarriedbottom
Anal advice
Originated by flord
7 replies, 191 views.
Last post 12-Jun-24 17:32 by derionvald
12-Jun-24 17:32
by  derionvald
Who,s masturbating right now?
Originated by misterwidget
175 replies, 8,454 views.
Last post 11-Jun-24 14:51 by glatstar
11-Jun-24 14:51
by  glatstar
bigger, smaller, or same as yours
Originated by boytoy469
6,177 replies, 130,619 views.
Last post 11-Jun-24 14:49 by glatstar
11-Jun-24 14:49
by  glatstar
Do you like the tatste of your own cum?
Originated by BiCurGuy
70 replies, 4,537 views.
Last post 11-Jun-24 10:17 by hammersy
11-Jun-24 10:17
by  hammersy
Uncut or Cut preference
Originated by Andju
12 replies, 451 views.
Last post 10-Jun-24 05:58 by mushroom73
10-Jun-24 05:58
by  mushroom73
so submissive when xdressed by my wife for pics but in exchange for pics of her
Originated by Jaysub2
0 replies, 77 views.
Last post 10-Jun-24 03:06 by Jaysub2
10-Jun-24 03:06
by  Jaysub2
Womens locker room
Originated by Hardman119
17 replies, 2,087 views.
Last post 9-Jun-24 18:08 by Hardman119
9-Jun-24 18:08
by  Hardman119
Men watching Men cum
Originated by misterwidget
136 replies, 11,653 views.
Last post 9-Jun-24 11:33 by PhallicSupermacyOne
9-Jun-24 11:33
by  PhallicSupermacyOne
Wanting my first cougar experience
Originated by Solenya94
3 replies, 366 views.
Last post 9-Jun-24 11:30 by PhallicSupermacyOne
9-Jun-24 11:30
by  PhallicSupermacyOne
Feeling inadequate
Originated by over60canada
3 replies, 431 views.
Last post 9-Jun-24 01:35 by Artistic
9-Jun-24 01:35
by  Artistic
Cum with anal masturbation.
Originated by Nudeboybrian
10 replies, 1,155 views.
Last post 8-Jun-24 20:09 by FootballButt
8-Jun-24 20:09
by  FootballButt
cumming on own face
Originated by someguy031
20 replies, 819 views.
Last post 8-Jun-24 20:04 by FootballButt
8-Jun-24 20:04
by  FootballButt
Oral stimulation involving cock and breasts (at the same time).
Originated by Tepes1
0 replies, 40 views.
Last post 8-Jun-24 18:47 by Tepes1
8-Jun-24 18:47
by  Tepes1
Ever been caught having sex
Originated by ChMotCh
2 replies, 509 views.
Last post 7-Jun-24 22:37 by all tan man
7-Jun-24 22:37
by  all tan man
Got to ask
Originated by Leedo123456
7 replies, 1,071 views.
Last post 7-Jun-24 18:27 by jimm
7-Jun-24 18:27
by  jimm
getting caught on purpose.
Originated by codylove
15 replies, 1,793 views.
Last post 6-Jun-24 10:20 by over60canada
6-Jun-24 10:20
by  over60canada
Men who like anal on themselves
Originated by Bottomboi161
9 replies, 846 views.
Last post 6-Jun-24 09:42 by Zeff999
6-Jun-24 09:42
by  Zeff999
BBW Category
Originated by PhallicSupermacyOne
7 replies, 777 views.
Last post 5-Jun-24 00:49 by theg3964
5-Jun-24 00:49
by  theg3964
Eating pussy/ blow jobs
Originated by hillshooter
55 replies, 3,472 views.
Last post 4-Jun-24 11:45 by Nudist1953
4-Jun-24 11:45
by  Nudist1953
Guys - would you suck another guy’s cock?
Originated by Msh1313
637 replies, 53,267 views.
Last post 3-Jun-24 16:16 by StrongAlbatross945
3-Jun-24 16:16
by  StrongAlbatross945
Women peeing
Originated by over60canada
12 replies, 1,226 views.
Last post 3-Jun-24 14:50 by MilfNikita35
3-Jun-24 14:50
by  MilfNikita35
For those 60 and over
Originated by wn0tjf
48 replies, 4,697 views.
Last post 3-Jun-24 05:02 by McPhallus
3-Jun-24 05:02
by  McPhallus
Oral vs Penetration
Originated by PhallicSupermacyOne
7 replies, 447 views.
Last post 3-Jun-24 01:14 by ozzij
3-Jun-24 01:14
by  ozzij
When were last embarrassed after being caught
Originated by just big enough
4 replies, 696 views.
Last post 2-Jun-24 11:53 by Rabbit420
2-Jun-24 11:53
by  Rabbit420
E stim
Originated by njbbwguy
5 replies, 541 views.
Last post 1-Jun-24 03:58 by Kingcockchubby
1-Jun-24 03:58
by  Kingcockchubby
Straight MFM
Originated by MRD199
8 replies, 944 views.
Last post 31-May-24 14:41 by AverageJoe2000
31-May-24 14:41
by  AverageJoe2000
video taping
Originated by bearhugzz
20 replies, 1,519 views.
Last post 31-May-24 12:00 by Rabbit420
31-May-24 12:00
by  Rabbit420
shower or grower
Originated by hotcok4u
33 replies, 2,173 views.
Last post 31-May-24 11:55 by Rabbit420
31-May-24 11:55
by  Rabbit420
Different ways to masturbate/cum
Originated by GingerHunner
3 replies, 481 views.
Last post 29-May-24 05:10 by legsfeettoes
29-May-24 05:10
by  legsfeettoes
First time you climaxed from intercourse
Originated by jommy
0 replies, 110 views.
Last post 28-May-24 09:02 by jommy
28-May-24 09:02
by  jommy
Faking Orgasm
Originated by T4Texas
24 replies, 720 views.
Last post 27-May-24 20:43 by TheHornyWife
27-May-24 20:43
by  TheHornyWife
Ladies, when was the first time you let someone cum on your face?? Who's idea was it? Did you like i
Originated by all tan man
0 replies, 324 views.
Last post 27-May-24 14:27 by all tan man
27-May-24 14:27
by  all tan man
J/O Groups
Originated by icumalot5
32 replies, 3,847 views.
Last post 27-May-24 07:03 by Playfulpain
27-May-24 07:03
by  Playfulpain
Interracial sex
Originated by spanking_mad
2 replies, 344 views.
Last post 25-May-24 10:10 by Photopolitan
25-May-24 10:10
by  Photopolitan
What is your fetish?
Originated by Mightymac218
211 replies, 18,924 views.
Last post 24-May-24 20:11 by boredstiff69
24-May-24 20:11
by  boredstiff69
Role Play Outfits
Originated by JohnInCalifornia
1 replies, 283 views.
Last post 22-May-24 00:22 by ace15
22-May-24 00:22
by  ace15
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